RV hooked up to 220V


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RV hooked up to 220V

Hi every one. Let me give you a hypothetical story. Lets say I had a 30 amp breaker in my shop feeding a 220V receptacle for my electric heater. And Lets say I made an adaptor to go from that to plug in my trailer witch has a 30 amp plug as well. What damage do you think could happen to the trailer, besides the GFCIs popping and the microwave not working any more. Can any one guess what might be going on.
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Only certain heaters are made to take that voltage & amperage. Aside from that, you haven't told us what type of panel box is in the trailer & what breakers are in it not to mention how you hypothetically wired it.
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The trailer is 30 amp 120V... Its not 240V...

Your going to fry the converter charger if you have not already...
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Actually it would be 240 volts but the trailer is either 120/240 or 120 so it would fry any 120 appliances such as microwave and explode light bulbs.
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You would let the smoke out of the trailer and be looking for a tent to sleep in.
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It all depends on how you wired this adapter. What is the NEMA configuration on the receptacle?
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I think I might have gotten off lucky. The only thing that does not work is the microwave. All the lights still work and the fridge. I did blow one 20 amp fuse as well but so far I have not noticed a problem with that circuit. Thanks for the replies and I might just do away with that adaptor I made.
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RV lights

RV lights and fridge run on 12 volts DC.
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Immediately disassemble or destroy that adapter that allows a 120 volt device (including a recreational vehicle) or circuit or subcircuit to be energized with 240 volt power.

Any 120 volt device is subject to damage or shortened life if energized with 240 volts. There could be hidden damage that shows up only at a later date. However the wires (Romex, etc.) will not be affected. if they were rated for at least 240 volts (Most Romex is rated for at least 250 volts.)

Depending on the nature of the converter, it may or may not deliver twice the output voltage (e.g. 24 instead of 12) when energized with twice the input voltage.
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