Electrician 101: 3-way


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Electrician 101: 3-way

I am actually in the midst of electrician 101 at Pennco tech right now. I understand from what i learned the Neutral goes to the load (which is the white wire to whatever your hooking up like in this case your lamp. then you wanna "feed your common" (which is your black wire to the black screw on the 3way switch.) Then you want to take your other black wire to your load ( which would be the black wire coming from your light "common to load") Then you should bring down your "travelers to both screws that you havent used yet on both 3way switches and you should be ok. i'm still learning but i'm just telling you how i learned with those four steps if you get what I'm saying lemme know and I'll be happy to help you even if by asking my teacher for further advice or my Father who moved into telecommunications after years of being an electrician and electrical engineer. I am still trying to learn myself though.
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Welcome to the forums.

Wait until you get to 4 way switches.

Once you understand how a three way switch itself works..... the rest of the wiring is easy.
With a three way circuit there are many variables.... like where does power enter the circuit and where do the lights connect.

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