Proper subpanel grounding and bonding (pic)


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Proper subpanel grounding and bonding (pic)

Long time lurker, first time poster. First off thanks to everyone who takes time to answer these questions, you have helped me with many projects. However, I can't find my exact situation, and I want to do it correctly. I am adding a subpanel to accommodate circuits for a remodel. I also want to clean up the existing panel cheater beakers, that shouldn't be in that panel anyway. So a few questions.
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I added a ground bar in the main panel. I understand that it will be for grounds only, neutrals will stay on that bar. I also have a few 2 and 3 neutrals on one lug to fix. So can I bring the 6ga ground from the subpanel to my new ground bar (as pictured) or do I need to bring it to the neutral bar where the ground rods/water pipe ground is connected? I don't think that is right because my isolated neutral for subpanel is already going to the top of that bar.

Also, it will be fed with a 60a breaker. How much am I allowed to go over that 60a with breakers and still be following code? I pretty much know the load of everything that will be in the subpanel, which is under 60, but with the breakers added up, they will be at least 150 total amps.
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Panel grounding

Also, it will be fed with a 60a breaker. How much am I allowed to go over that 60a with breakers and still be following code?
Panel can be loaded to not more than the total noncontinuous load plus 125% of the continuous load. You don't add up breaker ratings to determine loading, you calculate the loads.

Your EMT between the panels can serve as the ground/bond connection but the supplemental ground you installed is not a problem. At 60amps a #10 copper grounding conductor would have been ok.Check your panel labeling as you may be able to install one neutral (GCC) per position and then two ground conductors in the next position which may provide enough space to clean things up per code. Your neutal bar at the main panel should be bonded to the enclosure so you need to make sure you have removed any paint that would keep the new ground bar from making good contact with the enclosure. Also was the new ground bar installed in a factory location or did you just add it on your own?
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I would add plastic insulating bushings on the two EMT connectors at the feed to the subpanel.
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Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I realized the bushing thing too late, so I'll have to take it apart to correct that. And the breaker situation makes sense. I know the loads of the lights, fan, etc (bathroom remodel), what do I use to estimate load for an outlet? It will be used for little more than charging toothbrushes or razors, but I assume I should estimate it maxed out?

That also makes sense about the emt ground. I did check with a meter for continuity and it was good, but I didn't scrape the paint, I can go back and do that. For the add on ground bar, one of the holes was factory, the other one I drilled. Here is the neutral bar I am trying to clean up:
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A semi related question about panel wiring. So I've got an existing outlet next to the panel, and the hot is currently incorrectly doubled up on a breaker screw with another circuit. Am I ok with just putting a pigtail inside the panel for that outlet and attaching it to some other circuit, or does it need it's own separate breaker?

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