Advise on electrical feed to a camper trailer.


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Advise on electrical feed to a camper trailer.

Ok I recently bought an old camper trailer and need to give it some power. With a rough yard step measurement it sits 213 ft away from pole main breaker. I will get an accurate measurement ASAP but for now I'm just asking for any helpful knowledge that will help me do this correct and safe. Ok so I'll say 230 ft from pole. The pole has 200Amp main breaker, breaker box in the house is 15 ft away from pole n campers direction. 100amp main load center. Does have 2 empty spots. The previous owner also had an issue with the trailers plug and removed it and wired it direct. I will be wiring it direct as well because I have no intention of moving it. Will only need 120. Trailer breaker box has 50amp main, There are 8 2 bulb fixtures, 9 receptacles, AC, electric stove and oven, and refrigerator. Don't know wattage values yet but fridge and ac will be used. I have 6 watt LED bulbs. And LED TV and game console will be the normally used devices on a wall outlet. Wire gauge is my main concern, please input on any changes that will be necessary, examples, anything that will help me give more accurate details. Thanks
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Welcome to the forums.

electric stove and oven
That could be a killer right there.

You mention needing 120v but most electric stoves are 240v.
With that type of current draw and distance..... you may need to consider a 240v line.

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Are you sure the oven/stove is electric? That would be very odd for a camping trailer as most cases they are gas. Is this trailer one you would pull behind a pickup?

The 50 amp main in the trailer pretty much says it all, you need a 50 amp feed. You do need to have a disconnect outside the trailer, it cannot be direct wired. Most cases this is done with either a sub panel on a pole outside the trailer, or just a disconnect with a switch or pullout.

I don't think the 230' distance is of big concern. With #4 aluminum or #6 copper your voltage drop is just over 3% with a 45 amp load. Those size wires are normally what is used for a 50 amp circuit. This is all based on 240 volts.
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Do the electric stove and breaker box in the trailer look original as opposed to retrofitted when the trailer was converted to fixed location use?

Is the trailer breaker box intended for 120/240 volts?
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Yes the stove is electric. See the previous owner used this trailer to house an employee of his behind his house and was only used for that purpose. So when he first needed to do this he did some work to the interior. Mostly was lighting and shelf n cabinet/closet space but he did change out the stove for an electric one. But really I purchased the trailer as a project man cave build for watching sports or gaming and will not be used and maybe removed. Sorry I forgot to add that at first. And I do have a squareD 125a circuit breaker switch and a GE general safety switch but is 60a and yes the trailers breaker box was replaced but the original is laying in one of the cabinets. Plus I also have a square d 8 space main load center. And I was told by the electric company service guy to use #4 triplex. I will run 240 if I have to.
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And I was told by the electric company service guy to use #4 triplex
Wrong. You need quadplex. Electric company uses triplex because they are hooking to the service panel with the first OCPD. You are installing a subpanel. That requires 4 wires.
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