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what is a gfci an how do you install it outside a circuit panel to ground an old house
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how do i get an answer about my last question i am new to this site Q-- WHAT IS A GFCI AN HOW DO I PUT ON MY CIRCUIT PANEL TO GROUND AN OLD HOUSE. THANK YOU
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In total generic laymen's terms; A GFI is like a little man in a breaker or receptacle that monitors the hot, neutral, and grounding conductors of a circuit. If leakage is present or an imbalance appears within 5 thousands of one amp then that little man shuts down the circuit until that fault is repaired. Now when us old folks were kids and we dropped a radio in the bathtub we were most likely dead ducks, but with the GFI protection now we have a half a chance for survival.

If the house was wired in the 50s or before the wiring style is commonly run with the power from the panel then to a light fixture then octopussed out to receptacles etc. This makes it impossible to install a GFI receptacle in place of the first receptacle on a circuit. There is no first receptacle on a circuit that the entire circuit will carry the entire circuits load through. Therefore we suggest you install a GFI breaker in the panel. If you have a fuse panel then just mount a GFI receptacle below the panel in the wall and run the power from your fuse neutral and grounding if one is present to the line side of that GFI receptacle then run the existing circuit wires hot, neutral and grounding if present to the load side of that same GFI receptacle. This wiring style runs all electricity through that GFI located below the panel and protects the whole circuit by that GFI control.

You don't really ground the whole house through a GFI control. The GFI acts as our best replacement available for the missing equipment grounding conductor. It gives us our best protection available without running a new wire with a grounding conductor in the new cable.

Hope this helps

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To reinforce what Wg said, note that the GFCI provides NO GROUNDING! Safety, yes. Grounding, no.

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