Appliance branch circuit question


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Appliance branch circuit question

I've got a kitchen remodel going in a house from '68 and a mix of original & say 1990ish wiring. So I'm adding the correct circuits and straightening out what goes where. (Portland, OR area)

I have a peninsula and on the opp. of the wall it's attached to is the "living room" and I need a plug in on that wall.

I question is can I pull off the App. circuit for the living room plug or do I have to find and pull off the living room circuit?

Thanks in advance for your help
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Technically by code your kitchen circuits (small appliance circuits) may not feed a receptacle in the living room. You are best off to tap off a receptacle from the living room. However since the house is old quite honestly it is possible that the kitchen feeds other rooms or the kitchen is feed from other rooms. Also, if you are adding a receptacle in the living room you may be forced to put that circuit on a AFCI breaker. I don't know what your local code will dictate plus the electrical inspector (if you are getting it inspected). NEC dictates that the living room must have AFCI protection on a new circuit (complete wiring or remodel). So if I were to wire a living room now it would need an AFCI breaker. As I said because you are adding a receptacle to the living room existing circuit normally you would not need to replace the breaker with a AFCI but I don't know your local codes.
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Technically by code your kitchen circuits (small appliance circuits) may not feed a receptacle in the living room.
Are you sure about that one? Because a book I have (Wiring Residential by Ray Mullins) states that either or both of the two circuits required in a kitchen is permitted to supply receptacle outlets in other rooms, such as a dining room, breakfast room or pantry.

Although the OP is saying living room.
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The dining and pantry areas are allowed, the living room is not. The key wording is other similar areas which the living room does not meet the criteria as it is not related to cooking or eating.
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DMiller226 asked specifically about sharing one of the small appliance circuits with the living room. I replied for the living room. I refer only to the NEC instead of wiring books when it comes to code issues so I know it is correct. I have read in some DIY books that have had misleading or incorrect information.

NEC-2014 Edition

210.52 (b)(1) Receptacle Outlets Served. In the kitchen, pantry, breakfast
room, dining room, or similar area of a dwelling unit, the
two or more 20-ampere small-appliance branch circuits required
by 210.11(C)(1) shall serve all wall and floor receptacle outlets
covered by 210.52(A), all countertop outlets covered by
210.52(C), and receptacle outlets for refrigeration equipment.


210.52(a)(4)Countertop Receptacles. Receptacles installed for countertop
surfaces as specified in 210.52(C) shall not be considered
as the receptacles required by 210.52(A).
Because of the need to provide a sufficient number of receptacles
for the appliances used at the kitchen counter area, receptacle
outlets installed to serve kitchen or dining area counters cannot
also be used as the required receptacle outlet for an adjacent wall
space that is subject to the requirements of 210.52(A)(1) and (A)(2)
The receptacle outlets required by 210.52(C) are considered to be
the minimum number needed to meet the countertop appliance
needs in dwelling units.
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I refer only to the NEC instead of wiring books when it comes to code issues so I know it is correct.
But, we don't know what version of the NEC may be in force at the OP's locality.

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