Lighting Wiring Question Re: Neutral


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Lighting Wiring Question Re: Neutral

I live in Northern California and am trying to install a couple of Insteon switches that require a neutral line. The location where I am trying to put them is in a duplex light switch near my front door that controls two outdoor lights on the front of my house.

I opened the duplex panel up today and was confused by the wiring I found within. I am attaching a couple of pictures. There are two wires coming into the gang box but they are slightly different. The left one has black/white/ground, the right one has black/white/red/ground. I have attached a couple of pictures below of the current wiring as it is hooked up to the current toggle switches.

The left toggle switch has the black from the left wire and the black from the right wire. The right toggle switch has the black from the right wire and the red from the right wire. Both toggles have ground. And the whites are tied off to each other (more visible in the second photo).

Are the two whites that are currently tied off neutral? Does this mean that I can install these switches in this location?

If yes to the above, then the neutral and ground connections are straightforward to me. But for the line and load connections on each switch, how do I wire those?
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Welcome to the forums.

The two white wires are your neutral.
The lines or hot to the switches are the ones that are in the same splice.

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Thank you very much! Appreciate the quick reply.

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