6AWG Wire


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6AWG Wire

Hi all,

I'm nearly to the point in my home renovation of installing the sub panel. I am running 3 6AWG & 1 8AWG THHN copper through a 1" PVC conduit from the main panel to the sub panel. To accomplish this task the run will include 6 or 7 90 degree bends due to the construction of the house (1840's build). I believe this is a code violation. Other than installing a junction box large enough to handle the wire, will LB's, LL's, or LR's fulfill the code requirement without installing a junction box? If not, what do you recommend as a junction box and how would I splice the wires together? Thanks so much for your time and expertise. Roger
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A fitting like an LB etc will satisfy the rule about no more that 360 degrees in a run. The limit on bends is between access points.
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LBs, LLs, LRs and C fittings must all remain accessible without the use of tools to be accessed.
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You can string continuous wires through junction boxes one conduit portion at a time in sequence without splicing.

Yes, in order to not have too many bends in a continuous section of conduit, you can used those molded elbows (the LB?) with a removable cover here and there rather than a square junction box to save costs.

If you think you may branch off at some intermediate spot along a conduit run at a future date, you can coil up about 15 inches of slack in each conductor passing through a reasonably sized junction box there.

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