how to wire three tiggers together?

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how to wire three tiggers together?

What's a tigger? A bouncing Winnie the Pooh toy. You squeeze their hand and they jump. I took the switch out of the hand and ran some wire so I could make it jump without touching the toy. I want to do the same with two more and be able to make them all jump from one switch. They each have 4 AA batteries.
Im worried if I just touched all the wires together at the same time I might screw something up. the switch is just touch and release and then the bounces for 1/2 a minute. so the actual connection is very quick.
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I would hook all three up to one switch and give it a try. If you want to keep them electrically isolated you could use a three pole switch or relay.
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You can wire all three of them to one switch provided that you connect positive to positive at one remote switch terminal and connect negative to negative at the other remote switch terminal.

When you measure the voltage across the open pushbutton terminals, you will read almost all 6 volts for the 4 batteries because the mechanism inside will not drop the voltage (or operate) given the tiny current drawn by the voltmeter. So you can quickly see one pushbutton terminal as positive relative to the other terminal.

Caution: I would not assume that putting the batteries in the same way for each of them results in the same polarity for each at its respective original pushbutton switch. A voltmeter that shows polarity (or with a needle that tries to go backwards for reversed polarity) is advantageous.

The momentary contact of the shared switch will not hurt them.

If you get the polarity wrong, the toys will come to life without your flipping the switch.

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Ya know, I saw the title of this thread and I thought it was a typo (triggers).. And I was going to be a smartass and say 'Just tie their tails together'.. Imagine my surprise when I read the OP..

I'm not sure how these are designed, but I'm going to assume the switch comes out of a microcontroller, and it isn't just in series with the batteries. If that's the case, it is going to be a logic input with a ground reference through a pullup resistor. There won't be any way you can screw them up by connecting them together (but as Allan said you need to have the same sides of the switches tied together or they will just continually activate). However if you want them all working off the same switch, you will also need to tie the battery packs together - red to red and black to black. That will ensure they all have the same ground reference.

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