branching vs chaining outlets


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branching vs chaining outlets

I need to run 3 outlets in my unfinished basement, I will tap into an existing line with only one outlet on it and run towards my intended direction. The layout plan is in the form of a "T" so it will be more practical to BRANCH rather than CHAIN the outlets. Is it acceptable to run the power wire to a junction box and pigtail all the wires (4 wire pigtail) and than run the 3 branch lines out from there?

thank you
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NO! Absolutely not! Never!

Okay, I lied, what you propose is perfectly fine.
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With daisy-chaining you don't have as many issues with box fill. Branching out (hub-and-spoke) methods usually overload a standard switch/receptacle box. If your junction box is a 1900 (4x4) you should be good, though.
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you made me nervous for a moment!

i ask because adhering to a traditional "chaining" pattern will be a waste of unnecessary wire given the layout

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Example of box fill (U.S.):

One 12/2 power cable and three (12/2) branches continuing: 8 conductors equals 8 points. One receptacle unit (duplex or round single) in the box, 2 points. All the ground wires (equipment grounding conductors) 1 point. Any or all the cable clamps or fingers protruding into the box, 1 point. Pigtails (short lengths wholly within the box) e.g. to reach the receptacle, 0 points each. Wire nuts, 0 points each. Total of 12 points, 2-1/4 cubic inches per point equals a minimum box size of 27 ci.
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so a 4"x4"x2.25" square box = 36ci correct?
my junction box would be stand alone, hub plus 3 spokes (4 wire pigtail)
incidentally what is the maximum number of advisable wires in a pigtail?
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The pigtaoils are limited by the size of the wire nut and wire sizes.

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