underground electric wire


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underground electric wire

hello everyone, so weather is finally nice to do some yard work.

i made a thread a couple months ago about garage power not working.

i followed the wire today and it goes around the house and i still cant find the junction box.

the tubing is metal and there is three breaks in the tubing.

its only about 8inches buried in the the yard.

how can i just cut the wire cap it off for now and then put in new cable t the garage.

i am undersure which breaker so i want to approach it with caution. how do i cut it and cap it outside until i find the hidden junction box inside?
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The conduit probably goes all the way to the panel without a junction box. You can't trace the conduit any further? Does it enter a crawlspace or a poured foundation? Are you on a slab? Regardless it isn't code, so it will need to be replaced. You can bury a new line in pvc conduit which will eliminate the possibility of rusting. Check with the authorities but it will most likely need to be 18" below grade. Until you determine the circuit the garage is on, I would not be cutting any cables or wires. I would also determine where it enters the panel and undo it at the breaker, then remove it all, running a new set of wires. Do you have a subpanel in the garage? What are the color of the wires in the conduit?
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Thanks for the reply,

initially, i checked the garage junction box and there is like a ghost voltage about 1 going up and down but no power.

So i followed the blatantly obvious not up to code conduit and wire and found that he just use plastic for the last 4 feet and underground is actually metal. (metal conduit with 2 independent wires, but inside garage is romex with 3 wires)

There are 3 breaks i know for sure. I found it when i was digging carefully to follow where it leads.

I checked the junction box in the ground and no power there either (except the ghost voltage)

I followed until i hit the concrete slab and cant follow anymore. I used a long stick to see if it comes out the other side of the concrete slabs and its not there, so i ASSUME, he made a bend and went inside the house.

Inside the house behind the dry wall there is no sign of this junction box or even old wire. It just disappears. Mind boggling, i searched high and low inside the house and cant find the conduit/wires coming into the house.

Please see pictures for reference.

I cant find any cables at the breaker that seems to go to that garage, all of them seems to connect to something else.

there is no subpanel in the garage, just a junction box.
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