should a GFCI feel warm?


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should a GFCI feel warm?

i ran a string of outlets (8 duplex) in my unfinished basement protected by the first GFCI. after installation i ran a brief test, i plugged a flood light in, ran the shop vac, and ran the table saw for about 5 minutes. i noticed the screw terminals on the GFCI were slightly warm (just warm, not hot)

additionally even when nothing is being used i notice the GFCI face is slightly warmer than the duplex outlets, is this normal?
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What are these tests supposed to prove? Yeah, with all that load, a receptacle will feel warm. GFCI receptacles don't trip on overload, only ground fault. Check the connections and make sure they are secure. What size wiring are you using and what size overcurrent protection do you have?
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GFCI's are slightly warm to the touch even without a load plugged into them. Maybe someone else can speculate why, perhaps the circuitry or test light or something?

Any outlet will become slightly warmer with a heavy load plugged in make sure your connections are tight and that your outlet is firmly holding the plug (which should also be inspected).

What are these tests supposed to prove?
That a GFCI or any outlet under heavy load will have a higher ambient temperature.... you get the drift.

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