Timer Box Install


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Timer Box Install

The old timer went (not sure if it is old). I ordered exact replacement Intermatic T101. I still have it hooked up, I think I can do it, only 3 wires but I'm a bit concerned with it being so close to panel. See pic. As long as I shut that breaker off, should be ok right? Timer feeds in to the panel through conduit and connects to breaker. The pic has a green arc around the metal conduit that feeds in to panel (breaker). Just noticing that you can't see it but just attached and feeds into panel.

Picture of Timer:
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Any advice/recommendations? I can shut the whole house power switch too but should be ok with just that breaker?

Let me know.
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You only need to shut off the breaker that powers the timer. The closeness of the main panel doesn't matter. Just keep the door shut.
Just noticing that you can't see it but just attached and feeds into panel.
Just remove the nut on the nipple in the timer box. You don't need to touch the nut in the breaker box. Or since an exact replacement you may be able to use the old box and just swap the guts.
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Any advice/recommendations?
Yep, buy a Tork! Intermatic isn't the product it once was and there are a lot of problems with the less expensive Intermatic mechanical timers like yours. Since you are doing this yourself, knock yourself out and spend all the time on it you want, but a contractor cannot afford to play around with a clock that is prone to have problems. The cost of one callback service call exceeds the price of the clock.

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