Using USA Electrical appliance in Kuwait


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Question Using USA Electrical appliance in Kuwait


I am very new to this forum and I don't know that Should I have to post this question over here or not.

I bought Aquarium Light Timer from Amazon Item information is as below Marineland PA0401 24-Hour Aqua-Timer, Grounded
Details :- Rating: 15 A, 125 VAC General Purpose / 1/3 HP, 125 VAC

Now issue is when I plug that device is Kuwait electrical socket, its start getting hot and when timer starts it start making some kind of sound.

So can we use that electrical device in Kuwait doing some kind of adapter.
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No, it won't work without expensive and bulky components. A main issue is that that unit uses a standard little motor to drive the dial around. It depends on a specific voltage (usually a range from say 115-125 volts) and frequency.

Your power there is 240 volts at the wall. In the US it is a nominal 120 volts. Plugging a 120 device into 240 will burn it out rapidly, if not immediately.

Even more important is the little motor inside. It runs at a specific speed based on the frequency of the power supplied. In the US the frequency of electricity is 60 cycles per second (perfect for timing minutes and hours). In Kuwait your frequency is 50 cycles per even if you fix the voltage difference the timer would always run slow.

Better to find one specifically designed for your power supply. Most European, Middle Eastern, and African countries run 50 cycle (abbreviated as Hz), so it shouldn't be an issue finding one locally.

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