Ceiling fan wiring question


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Ceiling fan wiring question

Hi, thank you for taking the time to at least read my question and any assistance you may provide. I just installed a new ceiling fan and ran 14-2 cable to an existing single pole switch on wall that currently turns on/off a single receptacle. I wish to have the switch power the whole ceiling fan/light unit and have the receptacle always hot. Here is my question: There is only one 14-2 cable coming into the switch (the white is always hot). There are three 14-2 cables coming into the receptacle and this is how they are wired: The black from cable#1, the white from cable#2 and the black from cable#3 are all connected and always hot). The white from cable#1 is connected to the lower left of receptacle, the black from cable#2 is connected to the upper right of receptacle and the white from cable#3 is connected to the upper left of receptacle. What would be the easiest and correct way to add the ceiling fan to this setup? Should I run the cable from the fan to the switch box or can it be done at the receptacle box?
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Switch box is better because there is a maximum number of wires a box can hold. Run 14-3(+ground) from a fan rated ceiling box to the switch if it is a 15 amp breaker. Run 12-3 if it is a 20 amp breaker. If the receptacle has the tab on the brass side removed replace the receptacle with one with the tab intact.

At the receptacle:
  • Disconnect all wires except grounds.
  • Connect all blacks to a pigtail.
  • Connect all whites to a pigtail.
  • Connect the black pigtail to the brass side and white pigtail to the silver side of the receptacle.
  • If any red wires stop and post back for further instructions.
At the switch the red of the 3-conductor cable will only be used if you want separate switches for fan and light. Instruction are for one switch with the red of the 3-conductor cable capped on both ends. You can use xx-2 if you are sure you will never want two switches.
  • Connect the whites to each other.
  • Connect the blacks to the switch.
  • Connect the grounds to each other and pigtail to the box if it is metal. Pigtail to the switch if a nonmetallic box.
At the fan:
  • Blue and both blacks connected to each other.
  • Whites connected to each other.
  • Red not used if a single switch.
  • Grounds connected to each other and pigtailed to the box if metal.
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There is no red wires anywhere to be found and everything is on a 15 amp breaker and even though I should run 14-3 wire from a fan rated ceiling box for future use of two switches, I had extra 14-2 cable laying around (the fan I bought has a remote control so I can't control the light and fan separately from two switches). I will give this a go! Thank you very much for your assistance! I will post back with results.
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Even though there is a remote in the fan that controls the fan and the light..... the light can be disconnected from the remote and wired to a wall switch, if desired. Running a two wire to the fan is ok.... the light and fan will always remain on the remote.
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If you have another piece of 2 conductor + ground Romex , you can run a second Romex from the switch box . You can use one for the lite and one for the fan ( hot all the time ) .

If the remote ever dies or gets lost , you could use a stack switch / duplex switch in the switch box . One switch to control the fan and one for the lite .

God bless

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