Portable gen-set Brush vs brushless alternator???


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Portable gen-set Brush vs brushless alternator???

Hello to all,

The question I知 about to ask I知 sure will fuel a debate but I致e been going back and forth and would like some input from much more knowable people then myself.

I知 currently looking for a portable generator in the 6500 to 7500 watt range to replace my old and tired Generac 1140-0 as a home back up for essentials, well pump, furnace, fridge, and a few lights and water heater (managed load). My question is do I choose brush or brush-less alternator? Aside from not having to replace brushes occasionally is there an advantage to brush-less alternator? I'd like to keep this specific to the alternator design and not brands of generators.

I知 not looking to power any sensitive electronics just those items I mentioned above. Just looking for what would do the job the best and be reliable in the long run.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks to all
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Quite honestly I would worry more about having a good engine than the generator head type. I have generators with both generator head types and when hooked up to the oscilloscope the sine waves both look pretty decent.

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