Redoing kitchen - moving receptacles


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Redoing kitchen - moving receptacles

I acquired a property in foreclosure where the kitchen has been totally vacated. No cabinet no appliance.

So I need to start from nothing.

After laying out everything where things need to go, I need to move a few receptacles.

The receptacle for the dishwasher/disposer need to be moved about 10" laterally.

Two of the GFCI wall receptacles should also be moved laterally for better spacing now that new receptacles will be added to the side walls.

My question is, when I move receptacles, what do I do with the existing boxes? Those are metal boxes with EMT conduits coming in and out. They cannot be easily removed and relocated, new boxes need to be added and connect from there, turning them into junction boxes.

Since they cannot be concealed, do I end up with new receptacles and say 8" over I have a blank cover to a junction box? That would look really ugly on a tiled backsplash.

What is the solution? Open the wall, remove the boxes, cut short the EMT conduits back to the height of the top cabinets, put back the junction boxes, rewire to new location, patch wall and install cabinets so that the junction boxes so that they are behind the doors of the top cabinets? That's a load of work!
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I would abandon the conduit in a convenient location and run cable to the new locations.
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If it was me, I would pull off the existing wall surface (Plaster/drywall). Rewiring the kitchen would be easier with the walls open.
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You could just put in another outlet even if not needed. Would fill hole and not be to ugly. Outlets costs less than a 1.00$

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