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Power Switch

I'm building a custom jukebox similar to the one in the picture and I need some advice on a power switch. I have a 12V DC 100 AMP power supply that is supplying the power to the audio amplifier I am using.

The amplifier has two 40 amp fuses in it, so I'm guessing it's capable of drawing up to 80 amps at max. I'm using 8 gauge wire between the amp and the power supply. Is this sufficient?

Power supply does not have an on/off switch and I'm thinking I'm going to want to wire one in and mount it on the front or the side of my jukebox cabinet, because I don't want the power supply and audio amplifier running 24/7.

I found the style of on/off switch that I'd like to get (pictured below), but I'm not sure about it. The specs say Switch Rating: 5A / 250V AC, LED Voltage: 12V DC, Configuration: 1NO 1NC, Operation Type: Latching. Could someone point me in the right direction as far as a power switch for this application? Also, what gauge wire do I need to be using for the switch?


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Welcome to the forums.

You're using a 12v 100A power supply to run a 12v amp ?
I'm guessing you're using automotive type amps.

A power supply of that size should come with a 14-3 SJ power cord. That switch you are looking at is decorative and won't stand up to switching that supply on and off for very long. You need to be considering a 20A switch.
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First of all, why not use a 120V amplifier? A good quality 120V amplifier will outlast any of the automotive grade amplifiers, and will withstand being on 24/7/365. (Heck, I even use a 120V amplifier in my truck)

What I would use to switch your loads would be either a 20A rated toggle switch like you would mount on your wall in a proper junction box, or a metal toggle switch. If you would like to spend a little more money, you can use a set of relays.
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I'm using the car audio amplifier because that and the power supply were both pretty much free to me in a trade for something I could have never sold for what I could have purchased either for in cash. Down the road, I may switch over to something else, but this is what I'm working with at the moment. Would you suggest a 5.1 home theater receiver rather than what I am using? I didn't think that would work for this application, but what other 120v amplifier are you talking about?

The power supply didn't come with anything. Picture of the power supply is attached. That's why I'm asking if 8 gauge is good enough to be using between the power supply and car amplifier.

I found a 20AMP toggle switch (pictured), will something like this work for what I need to wire into the power supply?
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If that switch is rated 20 amps , it should work .

Is there a label stating the 120 VAC power draw on the 12 VDC power supply ?

I am guessing , some where in the ball park of 15 amps at 120 VAC ? If that is correct , use # 12 copper .

I think you said the amp is fused at 40 amps DC ? # 8 would work , # 6 would give you a little more margin for error , if it will fit the terminations ? You are not talking about enough feet of copper for the cost difference to amount to much .

God bless

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