Safe way to remove branches around power transformer?


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Safe way to remove branches around power transformer?

I have a tree with branches that are beginning to impinge on the power line going from the transformer to the house. What are the safety considerations in removing these branches myself? If I'm up in the tree with a pole saw and don't contact the lines is there still an electrocution hazard?

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Do not attempt to cut branches overhanging live wires. Contact your local power company or a licenses, insures tree removal company. There are lines drawn regarding safe DIY, and ImO this is on the other side.
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Agreed wholeheartedly. Stay away and let those that deal with this everyday handle it.
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Call the power company, they might do it for you for free, or low cost.
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I doubt the power company will help you, but try calling them first in case they might. Typically, keeping tree growth away from the service drop on privately owned property with no easement is the homeowner's responsibility. In this case, I'd call a tree service company.
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I must add my agreement with the others. Don't do it.
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I had a tree felled last month to the tune of 400 bucks. It was growing into the triplex serving my house. It got to a point I wasn't comfortable trimming myself. The tree guy had to bring all the branches down on ropes.... an aspect I didn't think of when I was contemplating cutting it down myself. The majority of the cutting was done by climbing the tree too (couldn't get a bucket truck into this area)..... the kid doing it climbed that tree like a ring-tailed lemur.
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Safe way to remove branches around power transformer?
The power company will send their tree contractor out for this if it is necessary.
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My power companies will come trim trees at no cost if they're getting near the wires.

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