Electric Motor wires


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Electric Motor wires

Hello, Ive fitted new berrings to my bouncy Castle Blower motor but in doing so as i was moving the motor it fell and pulled two wires plus the cap wires from the connection block. could anyone please give some idea as to where to fit the back please .... I've sent pictures of the whole motor / wires / cap but not anywhere is there a name / manufacturer .... thanks for any help
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Welcome to the forums.

In the pic below is how I would wire it.
If not correct all you'd need to do is reverse the blue and black wires from the motor.

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Hiya PJmax,

thanks for your reply ... i've given your suggestion a go but the motor doesn't spin, all i get is a heavy hum! If i switch the wires around theres a very, very slight hum. Now, if i put a pull cord aound the spindle and pull while giving the motor power it starts up and spins ok..... so now i'm thinking could i have damiged the capacitor in some way or form when the wires came adrift?
thanks again .....

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