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Lights and outlets on multiple circuits out but no circuits tripped.

Lights and outlets on multiple circuits out but no circuits tripped.


Old 07-20-14, 11:38 PM
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Lights and outlets on multiple circuits out but no circuits tripped.

For the past several days the lights and outlets to multiple rooms in my house have been going out, yet no circuits are tripped. This is happening to lights and outlets on multiple circuits. The weird thing is, the power is restored after several hours. The only common factor between the downed lights/outlets is that they are all on circuits that on the left side of the breaker box. I've check all GFCIs. The house was built in 1980.

Any ideas?

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Old 07-21-14, 04:35 AM
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Aside from stab back installation of the receptacles, and since it is only on one side, you may have a loose connection either in the panel, or meter base. I would contact my power company to let them correct any problems on their end. A cup of coffee and donut may entice them to check your panel connection while they have it down, although it is not their responsibility.
Old 07-21-14, 05:57 AM
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If this were a power company issue you would be seeing problems on circuits on both sides of the panel. I suspect a problem in your panel.

The incoming hot legs in a panel alternate ABAB from top to bottom.
Old 07-21-14, 09:17 AM
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I suspect a problem in your panel.
I agree 100%! The GE loadcenters of that vintage have aluminum busbars and were known for corrosion and connection problems with the thin Type THQP breakers you have. The 4 breakers on the left side get power from both legs powering the panel so I believe that would rule out a problem before the panel such as the utility side or in the meter socket.
Old 09-09-15, 10:06 PM
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I'm following up on this thread. It turns out that one of the two power lines coming into the house was corroded and losing connectivity to the main breaker so that intermittently took out power to half the house. We had PG&E come out and fix it. The cypress tress in front of the house that are planted along the main lines will have to be pulled to prevent any further damage to the power lines.
Old 09-09-15, 10:16 PM
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Thanks for letting us know. It may help someone else.
Old 09-10-15, 05:53 AM
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Are you sure that on the panel pictured, the breakers alternate A-B-A-B all the way down each side?

All of the handle tied breakers are higher up suggesting that the last few breakers on the left side are A-A-A-A.

I have heard of panels where double breakers for 240 volt circuits may occupy only selected positions in the panel. This panel may be one such.

OT: Now I would not think of this panel immediately as a split bus panel. I don't see a marked off section up top with space for no more than three double wide breakers on each side for a maximum of six handle ties or untied handles, all of which would control all of the power in the house.

In some cities, when street power lines pass through trees, they prune some of the larger branches in the middle of the tree leaving larger branches over the street and the sidewalk which would not tend to fall onto the wires. (Higher tension lines are run in rights of way clear cut of trees.)

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