Sparks from circuit breaker


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Sparks from circuit breaker

I made a mistake when replacing a wall receptacle and the breaker for the circuit for that receptacle tripped when it was turned back on. Then, I turned the breaker off and then back on, and this time a semi-loud popping noise was heard and I saw a spark. I turned that breaker off and have left it in the off position. I have now figured out what the issue with the receptacle is and will be replacing the breaker as well before turning the power back on for that circuit, but I am wondering if there is anything else that I should be worried about or take care of before turning the power back on. There does not seem to be visible issue with the area around the breaker in the panel.
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You are probably okay with you plan. It sounds like the circuit breaker did its job and protected the wiring.
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Sparks from circuit breaker
Under the circumstances, the sparks were perfectly normal. I wouldn't replace the breaker, it's fine.
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casualjoe is right. the breaker should still be good !!!!!

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