Power company problem

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Power company problem

I am renting 7000 sq ft of space. Other than 5 slimline computers the only electricity we use is for the fluorescent lighting. We are there from 8am to 5pm and as we leave we turn off all the breakers except for 3 lights in case of emergency. No weekends.

I have been receiving 2 statements from the power company because they say I am unit 6 and 7. One statement is always $1500 - $2000. The other is for anywhere between $100 - $500.

Finally after months of this I went to the other renters in the mall. There are two other renters who are renting almost the same square footage and use their space for over 12 hours a day with more lighting and they use the a/c on all day. Neither space's bill was ever over $500.

I called the power company and demanded someone to come out here. They kept insisting I had two bills because I had two spaces but could not explain why the other renter with 2 spaces never use as much power. So they relented and are going to send someone out.

Today I had a thought and need someone's opinion. If I have two bills that are supposed to reflect two separate meters, shouldn't I have two panels in the office? I am not an electrician but I have never seen a meter not go into a panel.

I have only one panel in entire space so I am now thinking I am paying for someone else's power.

I now believe they a crossed another units meter to my statement.

What do you think?

Any help appreciated
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That's exactly what it sounds like. Every commercial place I've ever seen (not that many, mostly curiosity) had the meters labeled for what they served.

Likely the smaller bill is yours...the larger bill is some sort of computer error.

The Pro's will be around.

Good luck fighting with them. The PoCo I mean...not the Pro's...lol.
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Do you know where your meter is? If you do make sure everything in your unit is off and see if meter is running. If so some other unit is using your power. i'm not electrician but it is a fairly easy check.
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the power bills have a meter i.d. number on them. with this number you can find the 2 meters.

if both meters are moving................go and turn the main breaker off in your panel.

the meter that stops is yours. does that kill the power to all of your space.?

if it does...have the other account turned off. find out who was using the power.

if not you need to find another panel

if you have 2 meters......for 2 units...........you should hsve 2 panels............one in each unit....that each have a main breaker that you can turn off

if you find 2 panels in your unites. turn off the breakers you do not use.

do you have 1 a/c or 2.........if one;do you have 1 large breaker for an a/c or 2

if you have 1 a/c but 2 large breakers marked a/c turn off the one you are not using. you might be supplieing power to the unit next door.

turn off all breakers that you can not find a use for.

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Yes, you should have two meters that are serving your panels. They might not be directly on the other side of the wall of your panel, they might be in an electrical room. One of your panels may also be in that room.

I do a lot of commercial work and walls get move all the time. I like John's suggestion of turning off any breakers that don't seam to serve your space and see if anybody complains.
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if possible shut the mains off and leave them off for an hour or so see if anyone complains ,also do this at night to be sure you are not paying for common power I.E. Parking lot lighting etc.
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I am renting 7000 sq ft of space.
If you haven't already, you need to get the mall manager involved in this. The mall management most likely has used a general contractor to construct your space and the electrical sub may not have taken out the proper permits or notified the power company of the changes. It sounds more to me like the space was reduced from its prior size and another tenant moved into the space created and you are still getting that tenants electric bill.

Other than 5 slimline computers the only electricity we use is for the fluorescent lighting. We are there from 8am to 5pm and as we leave we turn off all the breakers except for 3 lights in case of emergency.
You have no heating or cooling? No emergency lights or exit lights? No fire alarm system? No smoke evacuation system? I am sure you are using more power than you think and at commercial rates that may be higher than residential, but you also may have a claim on the second meter.

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