Wiring 2 3 ways and 4 way to 2 half outlets in series.


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Question Wiring 2 3 ways and 4 way to 2 half outlets in series.

I just purchased a new home and m upgrading the switches and outlets. I ave done alright so far until it came to the dreaded living room. Here I am stumped

I am trying to wire the top half of 2 outlets in series to a 3way-4way-3way. All the wires are there and i believe this is the way it was wired before. The bottom half of the outlets are wired to a different circuit.
Power is coming in at the 1st 3way and of course from the 2nd bottom half outlet from the other circuit.

If anyone could help me id sure appreciate it. I feel i have a basic grasp on this and know how simple it probably is however I cant seem to put it together.

Thanks a bunch!!

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Tabs on the brass side need to be broken but not enough info on the wiring in your post to give a more detailed answer. Not even really sure of your question.
2 outlets in series
You meant daisy chained in parallel didn't you?
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Are the two top halves currently both wired to (controlled by) the same switch of some kind and separate from the bottom halves?

If you already have a switch of some kind then you can construct a 3 switch 4 way setup from there. Run the 3 wire traveler cable from the original switch location to the second location and from the second to the third location.

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