AC cable in middle of circuit (pull box?)


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AC cable in middle of circuit (pull box?)

Hello- I am extending a circuit. The circuit is all EMT. I am having trouble making a tricky bend around some ceiling joists.

Is it proper to put a piece of flex conduit for a short span?

Meaning from one junction box thru the area I am having trouble bending thru to another junction box I would use aromored cable. I wouldn't splice in that new junction box but simply pull my wire thru. It would be probably another 20 feet from the new box to the device I am wiring.
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If you are using armored cable like MC or AC you are going to need to splice it to the existing conductors.

Does you area require conduit? Some areas have limits on the amount of flex.
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Is it proper to put a piece of flex conduit for a short span?
you may

if you are using the EMT for your ground you need to install jumper over/through the flex.

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