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Generator help

Hey guy, Iím new to the site and I couldnít find an answer after searching for over an hour. I have a small house with the electrical panel in the kitchen. Its almost under the cabinets and there is no room for even a small transfer switch. I was just given a brand new Gernerac 5500 generator. In the event of an outage, Iím only concerned about running the fridge and the oil burner (and a light or two). Since I canít put in a transfer switch, this is what I am planning on doing.

I want to install an outlet next to the oil burner on the hardwired line. Then put a male plug on the oil burner end. By doing this I can plug the burner into the outlet and run it as normal. In the event of an outage, I can unplug it from the wall, and plug it into my generator. Doing this would prevent any backfeeding. Is this safe and up to code?

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How about a single circuit transfer switch. You can put it anywhere. : Reliance Controls TF151W Easy/Tran Single-Circuit 15 Amp Furnace Generator Transfer Switch For Up To 1875 Watt Generators : Outdoor Generator Transfer Switches : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Around here we can't use a cord/receptacle to connect central heating equipment as it does not fall under NEC 400.7 "Uses Permitted." Check with your AHJ as they may permit it.

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See if this is allowed by code in your area...

Power the panel and chose you circuits......... - About GenerLink - The easy way to connect a home generator
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NOTE: Generators with Full Panel GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) comply with OSHA inspections on job sites. However, these generators will not function when connected to a GenerLink since the home or building main breaker box also has a neutral bonded to ground. When both the generator and the home / building breaker box contains a neutral bonded to ground, the generator's GFCI will open and no outlets will function

* Honda EB Series generator is not compatible with the GenerLink Automatic Transfer Switch. Please contact the nearest Honda dealer for information on modification to the receptacle panel.

NOTE: Per the National Electric Code, all generators must have a "floating neutral " when used with the GenerLink Automatic Transfer Switch. Please refer to the generator operation manual for bonded neutral specifications.

List of Compatible Generators:

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