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the room originally had just a receptacle, the power is off the breaker box, i am wanting the switch to control the ceiling light. There are no more switches or receptacles any where in the vicinity. the circuit power is coming off of another receptacle on the other side of the wall, that receptacle goes straight to the breaker box. I didn't think this would be a problem, since there is a constant flow of electricity. i was figuring that the three way switch must be the only way to go, but i just cannot figure out how to wire it in so thsat it will not pop the breaker.
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Your post is a bit confusing. You said that there is one recteptacle alone in a room that you want to run a switch and a light fixture controlled by that switch from that receptacle. You stated that that receptacle is fed from the breaker in the panel. Yet you later say that that receptacle is fed from a receptacle in another room that is then fed by a breaker in the panel.

If you want to tap a power source off that lone receptacle to power a switch controlled light then try the following;

Look in the lone receptacle box, and see if more than one cable enters that box. If so then run a 12 or 14/2 wire that matches the size wiring of the existing wires in the receptacle box from that existing receptacle to the new switch. In that receptacle box remove the existing wires connected to that existing receptacle and then wire nut black to black, white to white and bare to bare and in each wire nut install an extra pigtail from each wire nut. The pigtails should be black white and bare. Connect these pigtails to the existing receptacle to re energize that existing receptacle. Then go to the switch run a 12 or 14/2 romex from that switch to the new light fixture. Then in that new switch box wire nut a pigtail from the two bare wires and connect to the green screw of a SINGLE POLE SWITCH not a three way switch. Then wire nut the two whites together and shove in the back of the box with no other wires to connect anywhere else. Then connect the black of the wire coming from the existing recepacle to one of the two brass screws on the side of the single pole switch. Then connect the black going to the light fixture box to the second brass screw of that single pole switch. Now go to the light fixture box and connect black to black and white to white and bare to bare of the light fixture.

You should have an operating light power through your new swtich from the existing receptacle. The receptacle should be on all the time and the light should be controlled by the new switch.

Hope this helps

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peretbilt, we ( other electricians in this forum) need some more info to help you..

is there a cileing light now?

how many wires in the switch box?

why a 3-way?
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