Bad batteries still good for other things?


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Bad batteries still good for other things?

I was wondering, I check my batteries with a multimeter and seems there is still a lot of volts, just not enough for the things it powers. Seems like a waste of volts to me. Can one hook them all up ( series or parallel or both etc) and run something with extra batteries? Or maybe even small time electroplating?
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Batteries can't be checked by a simple multimeter. They must be tested under load with a battery tester. Tested under load you would probably find the voltage to low to be acceptable.
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What you are measuring would be considered surface voltage.
This works the same way as trying to measuring the voltage on a battery immediately after it was need to let it stand for awhile or put a load on it for a few minutes.
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Ahh ok, Thanks guys for the help.
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Use them for portable radios/music players or LED flashlights or remote controls that get used a lot. These are relative low load devices.

However use your voltmeter to select the two, three, or four batteries of almost the same voltage for each device.

When the batteries are too weak for these devices, then they are too weak for anything else.

Try not to use well worn batteries in devices that don't get used a lot. Weak batteries have a greater tendency to leak, and you want to remove the batteries from the device before this happens.

Do not put a battery on a load tester for more than a second. Use of a load tester consumes the finite amount of energy a battery has quite rapidly. Within a second you should be able to see whether the readout dips a lot (battery quite well used) versus dips just a little (battery still has much of its strength).

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