Cable routing/code question


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Cable routing/code question


My main panel is located in my basement mounted to the concrete block wall. A majority of the nm cables coming out of the panel are routed along the top edge of the foundation wall in a cavity/space created by the floor joists above resting on a horizontal 2x6 support on top of the block wall, until they are routed up and into various wall cavities above. So the cables are between the floor joists and the block wall, it's about a 1.5 inch space roughly 2-3 inches deep.

Is this still a code legal way to route new cable? It appears to be relatively hidden and out of the way, but I've always been under the assumption that cable should go through the joists (perpendicular through holes drilled) as it's in the most protected space.

All other electrical work I've done had me routing cable in other directions, I've never had to run along/above the foundation wall until now.

Thanks everyone!
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As long as the cables are 1 1/4" away the nailing face of any framing, AND are secured every 4.5' or less, it should be OK. Cables that are run through holes drilled in framing are considered supported and secured.
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Often times the cables are routed that way to avoid drilling holes. You also do not want holes that close to the ends of the joists.

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