Recesed Lights On 3-way Switches


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Recesed Lights On 3-way Switches

Linesman, When I saw your 4 lights diagram between 2 three-way switches, I figured it was the solution to my problem. I finally found an outfit that sold 12-4 with ground (spent the big bucks for the wire) and installed my four recessed lights as you indicated. All the colors seemed quite dummy-proof! Despite triple-checking every single connection, it blows the circuit breaker every time! I even tried another breaker. Your diagram makes sense as a series of parallel circuits, but I can't get it to work. Help!!

Separated from: Diagram referenced below.
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Linesman hasn't posted in over two years but if you will tell us exactly what you have and how you wired it we will help.
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Welcome to the forums.

The diagram is correct and will work. It would be pretty hard for us to double check your wiring.

That method of wiring a lighting system is not ideal. It was a special purpose application.
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There is an issue with the diagram if your AHJ has adopte the 2011 NEC. The second 3-way switch box must have a neutral conductor that this diagram doesn't have. You could have spared yourself the cost of the 12-4 NM B cable had you come here first.
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I didn't bring that up since I'm not sure if both three way switches need a neutral. I'm not wiring them that way.

Four wire could be used from the last light to the switch and the neutral would be carried thru.
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Wiring the recessed that way also fills up the small wiring compartments and may be over the allowed fill for the boxes.

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