Running electric wire question.


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Running electric wire question.

Hi Guys,

I have three studs that are attached together that aren't part of anything load bearing. I'm going to be running an electrical line through the lower wall for the electrical sockets. The three jack studs are nailed together. Naturally, the three studs are 4.5" wide. I wanted to install a wall lamp. Should I shave off like 1/4" of the 2x4 stud so there's a small gap to run the wire up, or is there a better way to do it?


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What are "sockets"? We refer to things like receptacles as the things in the walls where you plug items in, and light fixture boxes where lights will be installed. Which are you referring to? Why not run your cable beside the jacks and just drill an angular hole where you want the fixture box to go, wiring it from behind? That way the cable will be safely inside the wall cavity and you can cover it with sheetrock. Using a pancake box will make it easier to install with sheetrock covering.
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Should I shave off like 1/4" of the 2x4 stud so there's a small gap to run the wire up
I'm not sure what this means. If you're running cables horizontally through studs (even 4.5") you want to drill as close to possible to middle of studs. If you are trying to notch out a stud to pass a cable through, it's not a good idea. I guess it's acceptable, but a nail plate would have to cover studs.

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Moved to the correct forum.

A lamp is generally a device plugged in to receptacle. Or you instead installing a wall sconce?

Example: Name:  Transitional-1-light-Old-Bronze-Wall-Sconce-P15567375.jpg
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Should I shave off like 1/4" of the 2x4 stud so there's a small gap to run the wire up,
No. The light must be installed to a junction box which normally is mounted in the space between studs and the vertical run of wire fastened to the side of the stud.

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