how pull new cable using existing wire if stapled?


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how pull new cable using existing wire if stapled?

The code seems to require qires be stapled within 12" of a junction box.
How are you supposed to pull a new wire along an existing one in the future if it is stapled all over the place?
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You can't. New work in enclosed walls is not required to be stapled, but if it was stapled originally, you need to use another method to run new cable.
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If you are replacing the cable you abandon in place by cutting the cable as short as possible on both ends and shoving it into the wall cavity on both ends.

If you are just adding a cable and have an unfinished space above or below you just fish it. You remove the existing box by cutting the nails that usually hold the box, you use the resulting opening to fish the new cable and then install an old work box.

If you have conduit and/or no unfinished space above or below then it is a bit trickier.

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