Need help please wiring new light to existing switch.

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Post Need help please wiring new light to existing switch.

Mod Note: Poster is in the UK.


I have added a light in the garden and wired that straight to that existing switch which controls a ceiling light in the kitchen.

So I changed the switch first from 2 way 1 gang to a 2 way two gang because I would like to control control the two light separately.

So there is only one power source which is the ceiling light and I have that wired the live wire (brown) to COM and neutral wire to L1. This works just fine and ceiling light work.

But I can't figure out how to wire the garden light. How can I wire it so I can use to light from one power source (ceiling light) and control them separately. I tried few option one of them works.

I would really appreciate any help


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I tried few option one of them works
I'm sure you meant "none" of them work.
This is a common mistake in wiring for beginners. If the original switch only had one cable (two wires) coming in, you cannot take power for additional light off that box.
You need to run an additional cable from existing light down to existing switch box, once that's done you can post back for wiring instructions.
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This is primarily a North American forum but you are in the UK. What we call a 3-way switch you call a 2-way in the UK . What you are calling a 2 gang switch is what we call a duplex switch. What we call a two gang switch would only have one handle. This whole post may get very confusing very quickly.

Basic answer is you can't do what you want to do without changing the cable between the light and the switch to one that has one more conductor. Easier solution would be to run a new cable from a nearby receptacle.

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