wire connectors, twist before or not and tape?

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wire connectors, twist before or not and tape?

I've seen different opinions on whether to twist the wires before putting on a cap or just put them in straight.
FWIW, it's very hard to twist 2 12/2 wires around each other so can't you just line them up with straight wire and let the wire connector make the connection?

Also, some people then put electrical tape around them - is that even necessary?
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Ah...one of life's great discussions!

It is not required to twist the wires before installing a wire nut. A properly installed wire nut will make a solid connection.

Tape is unnecessary. If you are using tape you are either not installing the wire nut correctly, stripping the wires too long, or using a too small of wire nut for the size/amount of wires you are connecting.

Personally, I always twist the wires before installing the wire nut because I don't want to rely on only the wire nut for the connection. I also know the all the wires are connected. Lastly, I frequently take splices apart and don't like the wires all coming separated when I do, but I work on a lot of energized circuits. I never recommend a DIYer to do this. Always turn the circuit off before working on it!!!

FWIW - Linesmens pliers wore very well for twisting wires.
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This same topic comes up every couple of months.

Most of the instructions that come with wirenuts illustrate that the wires need not be twisted that just holding them even and twisting the wirenut on is fine. Taping is not required or desired.

It's actually easy to just twist two wires. When you get into 3,4 or more it gets tough.

As an electrician I tend to always twist my wires first before I install a wirenut. IN MY OPINION it gives a better connection.

I would refer to one of the previous forays into twist or no twist.

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