Wiring replacement


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Wiring replacement

Howdy all, Iím a newbie here and I hope I can post my query. I have been living in Ontario for past 3 years. The home where we live now was built in around 1960's. It has an open wiring or else you can call it as knob and tube wiring. My owner told me that he had rewired it and updated the electrical equipments 5 years earlier. I happened to see sparks coming from outlets. Day before yesterday we called a licensed electrician from Shock doctors to check up this and he said that we want to rewire it asap. But you know, the house has plaster and lathe walls, so rewiring is not an easy job. Does anyone have any idea on this?
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You are not the owner and are obvioulsy a tenant. Call the owner.
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built in around 1960's
I'd like the electricians to comment on this or advise me. I seriously doubt if this was built in 60's??
I've worked on some pretty old houses and have yet to see knob and tube.
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As far as I know.... they stopped using knob and tube wiring in Canada in the mid to late 40's.

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