Disconnected a Wall heater and caused outlets to go Dead


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Disconnected a Wall heater and caused outlets to go Dead

Hi, I have a wall heater in my bathroom, below the sink, with the on/off switch (which is combined with an outlet) located above the sink. So I disconnected the wall heater, which consisted of two separate wires. One cloth covered wire appears to be white, and the other cloth covered wire contained 2 wires which appear to be black and live. In following the source of the wires it appears as if one of the wires is coming from above, and the other wire appears to be coming from below. So I plan on installing an exhaust fan/heater combo with another feed and am not quite sure how to finish the wiring that was connected to the heater so that i restore power to the outlet above ? Nothing else appears to have been affected by this action. Any thoughts on that and would a picture assist in understanding the situation ? The wiring is original to the house which was built in 1940 and I am in San Francisco , CA.
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Experts will be in, Yes pictures will help, Are you planning on running a new service(wire) to heater or using whats there? Where does the cold wire go? Are we talking about 120 or 240 volts? Reread your post looks like cold wire goes to outlet so we are talking 120 volts?
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