Wiring single speed Whole House Fan


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Wiring single speed Whole House Fan

The motor on my 50+ year old whole house fan seized and instead of replacing the entire fan (I replaced belt about 10 years ago), I decided to just replace the motor.

It's a single speed motor. The switch is a timer switch (turning up the timer turns on the fan). Switch replaced 5 years ago.

The feed wire is at the fan. 2 wire (+ ground) : Red HOT wire, Blue Neutral

The switch wire is 2 wire (+ ground) : Black and white

The motor has 2 connection points.

I was thinking of wiring the switch in series with the motor

Red (Feed) to Black (switch); White (switch) to L1 (motor); L2 (motor) to Blue (Feed)

The motor has connections inside that can be reversed to change direction.

Is my connection plan correct ?
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Welcome to the forums.

Red (Feed) to Black (switch); White (switch) to L1 (motor); L2 (motor) to Blue (Feed)
Red/feed to white of switch. Black of switch to L1. Blue to L2.

You didn't fill in your location so I don't even know if you are in the States. Red for hot is fine but blue SHOULD not be used for neutral. White is neutral exclusively.

Your white wire from your switch leg should be taped or marked another color so that it's not confused as neutral.

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