splicing wire questions


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splicing wire questions

With ground wires do you have to use a green wire nut or can any wire nut be sued?
When stripping the wire, do all wires have to have exactly the same copper exposed or can some be slightly shorter?
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Green ground wire nuts are the ones with a hole in the center but if you are not passing a wire through any wire nut of the right size is okay.

All wire will normally be stripped the same amount.
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You don't need to bust out a micrometer for stripping wires. The important thing is that once that stripped wire is preformed and placed under terminal screw, and tightened, there is no excessive bare wire exposed.
You don't want wire insulation under screw, but you also don't want stripped wire exposed too much.
With a little practice you can dial this in.
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Green wire nuts are not an NEC requirement.

If you are having trouble making a splice use something like the Ideal push-in connectors. They are almost foolproof.

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