Xantrex Freedom 458 Inverter/Charger

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Xantrex Freedom 458 Inverter/Charger

I purchased a rebuilt, Xantrex Freedom 458 Inverter/Charger 2000 Watt, for my RV. The teck said I have a year warranty . I double checked the Battery cables from the batteries to the inverter to assure I was hooking it up right . I do have experience with electrical and mechanics and I did not buy this RV new. I am the third owner, but This thing was babied from it's appearance.
I connected the ground cable first and then the positive cable last. Sparks flew when I connected the positive cable . I recheck the cables back to the batteries . Everything was right .
I contacted the teck and first thing he said was, I connected the cables backwards, no warranty. No way on God's Green Earth, did I hook these cables wrong. Another $ 500.00 to change Mother board and other repairs. He has the unit so I am over a barrel . Pay or lose the money I have already spent for the unit.
My belief is this ;
That Inverter was never rebuilt, but sent out damaged . I had to pay for the rebuild and the teck makes clear profits on this used unit. I am getting legal advise on this matter, although I think I am wasting my time. Needless to say I will never buy a rebuilt electrical unit for this RV again.
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Welcome to the forums.

Although your post deals with inverters it didn't belong with the Legend thread you posted it in so I moved it here to a new thread.

Since you didn't ask a question and you just made a statement I'm going to give you my two cents worth. There is a part called a diode that is connected directly across the power wires. That diode sits there and does absolutely nothing until it the power wires are connected backwards. Then that diode dead shorts. There is nothing that can cause that diode to short other than reverse polarity.

I owned a mobile electronics store for many years and I'm also a technician. I've seen and replaced bags of these protection diodes on all types of mobile equipment. The majority of the people swore they didn't connect the equipment up backwards. Many of the repairs I completed no charge. It depended on any additional damage.

I'm guessing you didn't have a catastrophe fuse in the battery line.
Did you purchase the unit from Xantrex direct or some other location.
I've dealt with Xantrex in the past and they've always been a classy company and have stood behind their equipment. The tech should have at least looked at the unit before doubting your word. I would have been able to tell to tell if reverse polarity was the primary cause of the failure.

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