attic renovation


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attic renovation

I am a moderately experienced DIY guy looking to convert a large attic space into another bedroom for a kid. I have completely wired my pole barn, done 220v work, lighting, outlets, etc. I try to follow code. There attic is build over a family room and the attic floor/room ceiling has 2x6 and I need to put in 2x10 based upon my load characteristics. Here is the electrical problem:

There are 3 wires (14g,12g) that run over the 2x6 from one side of the house (first floor bedrooms) to the opposite side of the house into the box. I have to move the wires to fit the 2x10 into place because there isn't enough slack in them to just move them out of the way. I REALLY want to avoid pulling all the wire and then running new wire that is long enough to go around the new flooring. I would have to pull it through lots of walls and it would be a huge pain. I was hoping to cut the wires in half and them splice in two boxes. This would let me get them off the 2x6s and put in the new floor for the new room. I know I can't bury boxes so these would still be accessible in the attic space.
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Cutting the cables and splicing them in new boxes was the first plan to come to my mind. Just make sure you use boxes big enough and you can "camouflage" them as new receptacle locations for your new bedroom.
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Sorry, I edited my post because until after I answered your post did I see you state "I know I can't bury boxes so these would still be accessible in the attic space." I just wanted to be sure you did not bury them. Ignore this post please. I can't delete it.

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Thanks for the info. Its good to know that my idea wasn't completely off basis.

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