Combo NEMA 14-30R and 5-15?


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Combo NEMA 14-30R and 5-15?

Hi again!

I am about to move the NEMA 10-30R receptacle in my laundry closet (I am getting a gas dryer, so need room for the gas hookup). I researched a bit: people say that 10-30R is a bit outmoded now, no ground wire and all. I checked - I actually have 4 wires coming in from the panel, so I can wire 14-30R if I wanted to. In addition, an extra 5-15 wouldn't hurt.

So I am wondering, can I find some combo receptacle that would have 14-30R and 5-15 or 5-20 in it? I imagine that it would need to have its own breaker or fuse.

I don't really need the 14-30R right now but it seems a shame not to use the existing cable, and I have to move the receptacle anyway, might as well try to make it into something useful.

Any advice?

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You can't install 240v and 120v devices on the same circuit/wiring. If you don't need a 240v receptacle there then you can convert the circuit to 20A 120v and put in a standard duplex receptacle.

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