Generator / panel wiring


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Generator / panel wiring

I just bought the house early this year and now need to get a generator for winter. What I am not sure is how the previous owner had the panel wired for the generator. First, there are two 120v male cables hanging outside the in backyard. I believe they are used to plug into the generator. Inside the panel, those two male cables end up in two breakers that are just hanging on the side. A friend of mine who saw it (he knows more about electric work) thinks when the generator is used, I need to remove two currently in place breakers and plug these two which have the two 120v male cables running to outside. Question is

1) are the 2 120v male cables somehow going to provide me w/ 240v power? If not, why the need for 2 instead of just 1 cable?
2) is my friend right? Sounds like the last thing anyone wants to do when out of power is to have these additional steps in the dark basement!
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There is more to it than that. The previous owner had a transfer kit or interlock that he must have taken with him.
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Or the previous owner acted very ignorantly. .. He may have been throwing the main and somehow back feeding 2 circuits
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It does not sound like the old setup was in any way code compliant. I suggest an evaluation and perhaps a complete redo of what is there.

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