220 vac amp draw


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220 vac amp draw

Basic question please. When I place an amp meter on one leg of a 220vac circuit and read say 5amps, does that mean each legs draws 5 amps for cumulative 10amp draw? Or each leg draws 5 amps in such a phase manner that the total amp draw on the 220 circuit is 5 amp? If so could I please have a readers digest explanation, thanks
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Your circuit is 240v not 220v and the draw is 5 amps, 5a going in on one leg, 5 amps leaving on the other leg.
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Then what is the neutral leg for please
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The neutral is for 120 volt loads, it plays no part in a 240 volt load.
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And also understand...this is alternating current...which pretty much means exactly what it says. The potential flips back and forth 60 times per second.

I seem to remember it being explained to me once as...imagine 2 equally matched tug of war teams..they pull back and forth across the line and are doing an equal amount of work. That's AC. Now, imagine one elephant pulling a heavy weight. He's doing the same amount of actual work as the two teams. That's DC.

Substitute electrons in a wire for the teams, elephant, and rope, and it's pretty accurate.

There are many simple animated videos that make it easier to understand. That's what they used in our basic electricity and electronics classes 30 years ago. Want to make it complicated, start comparing US electric to other countries in Europe, Asia, and South America.
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Then what is the neutral leg for please
There is no neutral in a 240 volt circuit.

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