Solar energy systems and frequency


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Solar energy systems and frequency

This is a bit of a follow up to another question I posted earlier. I am moving out of the country in about a year, and I'm trying to get a clear picture of all my alternatives.

One of the things I thought of bringing with me is a solar energy kit complete with panels and all, given that I would be paying almost twice the cost down there. However, where I am moving, most appliances use 220/50 Hz current. Will this impact the kind of solar system I am supposed to get? Or are these "settings" something one can adjust easily enough on the system?

Please pardon my ignorance if my question is too simplistic.

Thanks to all for reading and responding!!!

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Solar panels output DC, direct current. You need an inverter to change the DC to AC and you can buy inverters to output any of the common voltages and frequencies. It might be easier (and possibly less expensive) to purchase the inverter AFTER you move as 220 volt/50 Hertz inverter would be a special item in the US.
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Darn it, I love this forum. Thank you, Furd!
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You should contact the manufacturer of your inverter. Some of them are actually field configurable to different voltages and frequencies.
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Where is "down there"? Anyway, the first decision is to go "on-line" or "off-line". On line solar systems have no battery storage and simply generate into the power company grid, saving you money. "off line" is designed to generate power and store into batteries, with or without connection to a utility. In either case, the system must be designed for either 50 or 60 Hz.

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