3 way light and outlets on same circuit

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I am installing 3 outlets (for low voltage transformer and occasional radio and the like) and a 2 lamp light in my backyard. I would like to set up a 3 way switch for the light, one switch by the door and another on the post the light will be on. The physical layout is :

panel---switch by door---outlet--outlet--switch--outlet.
The total run is about 100'. I could run exterior romex to the first outlet (all under deck) but then I have to go into conduit. The run between the 2 switches is about 80'. I really do not want to run 2 complete circuits.
The questions are:
gauge wire : 12 or 14
stranded or solid.
How many 12 gauge wire can be pulled through 3/4 conduit?
The way I figure to wire this is run power to the outlets and light then put the switches as though they come after the light. This will put 2 blacks,2 whites, a red and a ground in the conduit for the majorit of the run. And lead to some confusion.
Is there a staandard for color wiring in this situation?
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Why do you feel that conduit is required. Is it impracticable to use direct burial nonmetallic sheathed cable?


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I have to go up over and existing concrete retaining wall and then would have bury it 18" where there are existing bushes that I want to save. So it is being run through conduit that will be attached to the bottom horizontal runner of a metal fence that is 4" off the ground on to of the retaining wall. The light fixture will be attached to one of the posts for the metal fence. Since I cannot run romex inside the metal fence (local inspector said no) I have to run conduit and romex cannot/should not be run in conduit.

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