Generator Power Inlet sharing with a panel.


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Generator Power Inlet sharing with a panel.

Hello everyone.

So I am trying to solve multiple issues in a simplified manner. I have a semi portable generator that I need to hook up to the home and have been looking at the following
PB50 Transfer Switch Accessory - Reliance Controls Corporation
But at the same location that I would install this I need 120Volt plug, 220V plug for an air compressor and would like to have a 50 Amp, and 30 Amp travel trailer
Yeah I know lots of plugs and all currently outside.

So I started thinking and think this would be a great solution

Install this panel.
Eaton Power Outlet Panel - Unmetered-CHU1N7N4NS at The Home Depot
this would take care of 115v, and the 2 trailer plugs.

Then I could install a 2 pole 20 amp breaker with a flex line coming out of the bottom going to the Air compressor which will be about 5 feet away.
And lastly I could install
PK50 Transfer Switch Accessory - Reliance Controls Corporation in the bottom, as in the plug would be vertical going in.

I see enough breaker slots for all of this
I see enough plugs.
My compressor line would be hardwired with the breaker right there.
Generator input line should fit inside with no issue.
1 box on the outside of my home VS multiple holes and boxes.

Q I have
From my main panel I would have neutral and grounds to the panel could I tie into those for the generator input? This would save me 2 runs back to the main panel and a lot less wire inside the sub.

Ok ... let me have it.
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Everything looks good on paper but you are forgetting you need to disconnect the street power from the main panel when you introduce a portable generator. That sub panel doesn't have transfer capabilities.
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Again there is no transfer of power from the grid to the generator. Everything else looks good but, I'm not an electrician.
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Sorry forgot to mention the Gen input plug will have its own set of L1 and L2 lines going back to the main panel on a 50 amp breaker with a interlock to the main breaker.

So basically I'm installing the sub panel like normal, taping out 1 20Amp for the compressor via a flex line on its own breaker in the sub panel VS a plug and then cutting in the gen input line.
My plan for shared lines would be Ground and neutral.

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