Outdoor - Running Electical Wire for Landscaping


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Outdoor - Running Electical Wire for Landscaping

I'm installing some landscaping lighting and looking to run some 14/2 UF-B cable to install electrical outlets around the landscaping. Why? Because these pretty color changing flood lights I bought are 120v. At the same time, would make plugging in holiday lights a LOT easier than running extension cords, and probably safer.

So I bought PCV electrical conduit, connectors, outdoor outlet covers, etc., and I'm wondering if I can merely run the conduit along the porch and house the outlets there, rather than dig trenches into the landscaping.

My porch runs the length of the front of my house, and I was planning to tap into the GFCI outlet, then run the conduit along the trim alongside the house, 90 degree down, 90 degree turn and just below the concrete along the edge and front so it would be tucked below and out of direct sight. Then tap into certain locations to install the outdoor outlet.

Otherwise, this would be a huge undertaking to run wire underground in the landscaping, and being mid November in PA, most of the ground very hard.

I'm curious to know if this is a "safe" route, considering it will run right under the concrete, it will be protected, and much better than a long string of electrical cables.

This will be tied into a 15amp breaker (with 14/2 UF-B wire) that has very little running out it, besides outdoor lights (with 20 watt bulbs x4) and two outlets that aren't used (one I will tap into). The landscaping lighting is LED, so max is 3x 10 watt flood lights.
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That would be fine,I would suggest using THHN for the conductors in the conduit(PVC) much easier to pull,not sure what you mean by under the concrete? anywhere it is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods make sure to use more clips as the PVC has a tendency to sag.

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Yes you can run the conduit along the wall of the porch or house. If you bury it, it should be at least 12" deep. It can go directly under concrete that is at least 4" thick.

Personally I don't like to run long pieces of PVC conduit horizontal on a wall because it will sag like the previous poster mentioned. Code requires a clip every 3', but I would do every 2'.

I don't know if PA enforces this, but many areas with snow accumulation require outlets to be mounted high enough to not get buried in snow. Minimum inches varies by area obviously do to local weather conditions. You'll also need in-use plastic bubble covers, the basic metal flap door covers are not permitted in areas directly exposed to weather.

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