GFCI replaced does not work


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GFCI replaced does not work

GFI has no power will not reset.
Simple 1 box direct to cir breaker.
Black wire is hot.
I installed a new one.
Black wire to gold, White to silver and
Copper ground to bottom ground.
Does not work will not test.
Any help ?
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Did you open the breaker box to check the connections on that end? Is there anything else on that circuit?
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Did you connect to line or load.
Black wire is hot
If you used a non contact tester then the result is meaningless.
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Make sure the wires are secure under the clamps, not just touching.
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Don't over look the obvious. Some breakers are not that vivid that they tripped. Since there is only this device on the breaker be sure you turn the breaker completely to one direction hard to be sure it is off and then turn the breaker in the opposite direction to turn it on, this will reset the breaker. Unless there is a bad connection at the breaker panel, the receptacle box or a break in the circuit between the two this would seem the obvious solution.

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