Outdoor motion light, moving wires


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Outdoor motion light, moving wires

I installed an outdoor motion light and the ground wire from the motion sensor moves around significantly when you adjust it. The ground wire is a thin gauge stranded wire. It seems like it can easily break over time as the sensor gets moved around with the thinness of the wire and the sharp angle the wire is connected to the ground screw at (in fact a couple of the wires in the strand have already broken.

I'm not sure if I am being paranoid or if there is something I can do to help fix the wire in place? Is it normal for these lighting fixtures to have lightweight poor connections on wires that move around when adjusted?
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Return it and buy a different brand if you aren't satisfied with it.
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I've never had one of those ground wires break. It's fairly soft copper wire. You can cut the end back if it's got broken strands.

Usually the sensor gets set and then locked in place. There really shouldn't be much readjustment necessary.

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