Galvinized metal sweeps - why?


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Galvinized metal sweeps - why?

While having my 200 amp service installed in my electrical shack, the head electrician pondered my options for the load side line. Drill a hole in concrete floor, or drill a hole in wall. We went with hole in wall, as I overdid it on rebar in concrete, and I was on a meager budget. He said if I installed a metal sweep in floor, life would have easier. Apparently, a PVC sweep is not acceptable. I asked why? He just said inspector said so. Ever since, it has bothered me. The load line is ACWU. What does it matter whether the sweep is plastic or metal going through concrete? The hole isn't going to change. The sweep isn't grounded. I'd have thought a plastic sweep safer...less chance for jacket on ACWU to get cut or nicked.
I asked another electrician about idea why either.
Anyways, going forward, I will be building a garage-home, and will be bringing in ACWU from electrical shed. This time, I will put it through floor. I scored some metal 3" sweeps on the cheap, so all will be good. But I still would like to know why, from an educational perspective. Thx.
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When you pull a heavy cable through a plastic sweep the friction from the pull rope can cut through the PVC. Using a heavier rope or a wide pull tape will also prevent this effect, but pull string or twine will cut the PVC.
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Thanks ibpooks!
Never thought a rope could cut through PVC. The amount of pulling I plan to do will be just through the metal sweep, without a rope, as I'll be using ACWU. I do know going through PVC would be safer than metal, but oh well, do as the Ministry of Common Sense dictates.
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On some crappy slab pipe pulls my co-workers and I put a small piece of twine 2 or 3 inches into the pvc sticking out. Cut right through the connector into the pipe.
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You do not need to worry about the elbow being grounded since it is isolated under the dirt.

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